Our Story

The Irish Sea Food Company deliver sustainable and fresh Sea Food to your door. We use environmentally friendly fishing strategies, meaning our focus on fish stocks will deliver for years and decades to come. By buying from us you are buying freshly caught, ethically sound, sustainable fish.

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Our History: The Irish Sea Food company is one of Northern Ireland’s premier fish, seafood and offshore services organisation. We are collectively owned by people who rely on the sea for their living: fishermen and women, factory owners and workers, boat repairers, builders and other professionals and traders all based in Kilkeel, the biggest fishing port in Northern Ireland.

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Sustainability: The Irish Sea Food Company has seen a return to the glory days of fishing. Sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing strategies and approaches mean our focus on cod, haddock, hake, monkfish, langoustines, mackerel and lobster will deliver for years and decades to come. By buying our products you are buying ethically sound, sustainable fish, bringing much needed employment to an area which is seeing better times after 20 years of downturn.


Freshness: At The Irish Sea Food Company, the supply chain starts and ends with us! Our fishermen and women go to sea, our factory and processing prepare the fish and seafood for chilling packaging and our sales team ensures it reaches you in perfect condition. The sea food is vacuum packed upon landing and distributed to you in insulated packaging by our trusted suppliers ensuring the freshest and tastiest ready to eat produce. We never freeze our products which ensures it reaches you in optimum condition. Each product will vary, but we recommend that the product is consumed or frozen within 3 days.

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Our Fish: Our Fishermen and women catch a variety of species such as haddock, cod, pollock, hake, monkfish, plaice, scallops, langoustines and more. We supply markets in the UK, as well as across the EU, the Middle East, Asia and North America.


Supply Chain: At the Irish Sea Food Company the supply chain begins and ends with us, ensuring our products reach you in perfect condition. Our hand picked logistic partners understand the importance of delivering our product to you in optimum condition.